How To Gain Quality Weight as an Ectomorph

  • Mesomorph: This somatotype is characterized by well developed muscle mass with a narrow waist and wide shoulders. The metabolism of this body type is typically slower than the ectomorph but faster than the endomorph. This body type has the best of both worlds because of the proportions it possesses, having the narrow waist of the ectomorph while having the broad shoulders of an endomorph.
  • Ectomorph: This somatotype is the thinnest out of the three and is characterized by a thin and lanky build. The limbs are long, waist narrow, shoulders are thin and tends to be lean. Carrying little muscle mass and fat due to the fact that this body type has the fastest metabolism out of the three somatotypes and frequently referred to as the hardgainer. Having small joints such as the wrist and ankles, it makes it difficult for this body type to lift and support heavier loads.

Barbell Bench Press

Barbell Squat

Standing Overhead Press
  • We know that we need to be aware of how many calories we expend daily so that we can consume above that. More specifically, we have to eat this surplus in regards to proper macro(proteins, fats, carbs) configuration.
  • We have an idea of the role sleep plays which emphasizes the importance of getting quality sleep every night.
  1. Macronutrient content of hypoenergy diet…:

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